Bro Steve’s Bulletin Insert #4

Dear Stevendale Baptist Church, 


As we look forward to what God is preparing, I want to ask you to look around at the pews next to you. I imagine there are only about 300 empty seats. Before these seats get filled, our church must decide in its heart what it's here for, because we have a major issue to deal with.

Bro Steve’s Bulletin Insert #3

Dear Stevendale Baptist Church,

cismy2Bro Willie Joe always signs his emails, “Have a great week in the Lord.” I can't tell you how many times our weeks have be one struggle, suffering, or stress after another. Most of those weeks turn out to be “great weeks in the Lord,” because God's hand was at work.

My prayer is that God's hand will ever be at work in our lives. His strength is made perfect in our weakness. All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.

When I went deaf earlier this year, it took me by surprise. My deafness, however, led us to deep relationships with  families we never would have known well otherwise.

Bro Steve’s Bulletin Insert #2

SMY2-avatarDear Stevendale Baptist Church, In just under a month, we will be celebrating our first Sunday together. God is going to do amazing things through Stevendale Baptist Church. I am excited about the things He is going to do in our lives together and in the community. I am even more excited about the harvest of souls that is coming.

Bro Steve's Bulletin Insert #1

Dear Stevendale Baptist Church,

I do pray that this bulletin insert finds you well. I just barely made it out of Baton Rouge before they closed the airport for Hurricane Isaac. As I understand, many of you were without power for a number of days.