Bro Steve's Bulletin Insert #1

Dear Stevendale Baptist Church,

I do pray that this bulletin insert finds you well. I just barely made it out of Baton Rouge before they closed the airport for Hurricane Isaac. As I understand, many of you were without power for a number of days.
I made it safely back to Brazil, and took my family for a mini-vacation. It was the first we've had in a long time. We are now back home and working hard on all our preparations to move and begin serving the Lord together with you at Stevendale Baptist Church.

Our expectation is to be in Baton Rouge on October 10th and our first Sunday should be October 14th. We are very excited about all that is about to happen. We look forward to getting to know you and becoming family.

Please be in prayer for us during these next few weeks. I will try to keep you updated each week with with a bulletin insert to let you know our progress. Bro Carter Dey is God's man for this last interim period, so allow our Lord to use him to speak to your hearts.

In Christ Alone,

Bro Stephen M Young II

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