Bro Steve’s Bulletin Insert #2

SMY2-avatarDear Stevendale Baptist Church, In just under a month, we will be celebrating our first Sunday together. God is going to do amazing things through Stevendale Baptist Church. I am excited about the things He is going to do in our lives together and in the community. I am even more excited about the harvest of souls that is coming.

As we prepare to begin serving the Lord Jesus Christ together, let us not neglect the most important things. Jesus warned the Ephesian church that they had left their first love. He commanded them to repent and do the first works. (Revelation 2:2-7)

We are so busy these days, and I am sure you are too. We moved out of our house and are emptying it out. We are transitioning a company and we are handing off ministries to other faithful men and women. During times like these, it is easy to neglect the first works.

Let me encourage you to love and follow Jesus daily, as we seek to do the same.
  • Read your Bible everyday. Psalm 119
  • Pray and confess your sins everyday. Psalm 130
  • Tell someone what God has done everyday. Psalm 78
  • Sing a song about Jesus everyday. Psalm 33
  • Go out of your way to do good everyday. Psalm 18
In Christ Alone,
Bro Stephen M. Young II

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