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Restoration: What We’re Doing; What We Need.

Stevendale Baptist Church voted in September to establish a temporary executive committee to help lead and oversee our campus restoration. So far, the committee has approved a three-phase restoration plan.

Sanctuary Refurb

Phase One

  • Restore the church sanctuary “Building A.” (Details to come October 6th)
  • Clean “Building C” the fellowship hall, and create temporary Sunday school rooms and children’s church space.
  • Move our T-Building from the East parking lot to the North parking lot and repurpose it as a shower and dorm facility.

Phase Two

  • Bring “Building B” up to code and make it into our children’s ministry building.
  • Finish the “Building E Project” which is a multi-staff administrative building (and intermediate term Sunday school space).

Phase Three

  • Fellowship Hall
  • Adult Education Building


How you can help:

If you would like to volunteer your help as a skilled laborer, please call Pastor Stephen Young or send him a text (225)436-9366. We need people who have plumbing, electrical, and carpentry skills. We need people who have experience working on scaffolding. We need people who can hang and float sheetrock. We need people who can lay carpeting or flooring, as well. We also need anyone who has time to help. God bless!

Stevendale Flood Recovery Report

September 5, 2009







Stevendale Baptist Church was suddenly and devastatingly flooded on the weekend of August 13-14, 2016. The homes of more than eighty percent of Stevendale’s members, as well as its meeting place were significantly damaged. (All contents touching the ground were lost with the exception of the piano and some of the pews, though they were damaged.) Others lost cars and had close relatives who suffered loss in the flood. Those that did not flood are sharing their own dry homes for others to shelter.


Report #1: The Sanctuary Building.

The sanctuary had the least amount of water damage. The water line on the alter table is 22 inches. The sanctuary has a slope, so the foyer only had 4 inches. The interior offices, were flooded at 22 inches, our computers, phone and internet system, and many documents went under water. The pastor lost many of his books. All office furniture was destroyed.

Several of the pews are splitting and some have fallen apart.The piano did not get water in the case itself and still plays, though the legs and pedals were underwater. The organ did get water in the case and over the legs and pedals. We have not yet tried to turn it on. The Sanctuary air conditioner units did go under water and were damaged by the flood. One is no longer functioning.

We have received help: THANK YOU!

  • The sanctuary carpet and office walls have been removed. (Thank you, volunteers of FBC Plaquemine, LA for helping us do that.)
  • The stage has been disassembled. (Thank you, volunteers of Old River Baptist Church in Old River, Texas for helping us do that.)
  • The building has been sprayed with mold treatment. (Thank you, volunteers of Westside Church of Omaha, Nebraska for helping us do that.)
  • A new stage has been built and is nearly finished (Thank you, volunteers of FBC Haughton, LA for funding and building that for us. Thank you, volunteers of Williams Boulevard Baptist Church in Kenner, LA for related electrical work.)
  • Dry wall has been installed in the rooms where our offices used to be (Thank you, volunteers of FBC Haughton, LA for helping us do that.), and we will convert these rooms to Sunday School Classes, as the other buildings with greater flood damage, will take longer to restore.
  • Some office furniture has been donated by FBC Haughton, LA, and replacement computers are being provided by Williams Boulevard Baptist Church in Kenner, LA and Westside Church of Omaha, Nebraska.

There is still much restoration work to do in the Sanctuary Building.

  • Painting
  • Floor Repair and Carpeting
  • Organ Repair
  • Seating Repair/Replacement
  • Sound/Media Equipment Repair
  • Electrical Work
  • Door Replacement
  • Sunday School Room Furnishing

If your church would like to help us in restoration, please call our church secretary, Betty Fontenot at our church office number #225-436-9366. Though the church office has been destroyed, we are re-routing calls to a cell phone, and she can certainly be of help.

Upcoming Reports:
Report #2: Nursery Building
Report #3: Administrative Building
Report #4: Education Building
Report #5: Fellowship Hall
Report #6: Additional Campus Buildings
Report #7: Updates on Needs of Church Families

Louisiana Floods

Stevendale, like many Louisiana churches, was devastatingly affected by the flood waters. Our education buildings and fellowship hall took about 3 feet of water, and the sanctuary took 2 feet.

Like many Louisiana churches, the damage to the meeting place of the church only reflects the damage done to the homes of church members. The majority of our church suffered significant destruction in their own homes.

At the moment, we are still assessing what has happened. We are all working on preventing further damage to our homes and to our church buildings by removing everything that took water, then cutting out walls and insulation. After that, comes rebuilding.

A long process lies ahead. We appreciate your prayers, and need them badly. As do our neighborhoods to the north and south which suffered significant flooding in 100% of the homes.

We need your help too, as do so many people and churches. If you and your church outside of Louisiana want to come to help and need to know how to get plugged into the Louisiana relief efforts call this number: 318-541-1356.

Our church office went under water, and was destroyed. You can reach me on my cell phone at 225-436-9366.

In Christ Alone,
Bro Stephen Young

Raging water cannot extinguish love, and rivers will never wash it away.
-Song of Solomon 8:7

Rain Out! Chronicle Concert Cancelled.

chronicle cancelled

Due to poor weather circumstances, we had to cancel our concert for tonight. We will reschedule Chronicle for another date in October. Stay safe and do not attempt to drive through water in flooding areas.

Stevendale Welcomes New Children’s Minister

13902742_10154409674278007_4916920820824342203_nOn Sunday, August 7th, 2016, Stevendale Baptist Church voted unanimously to call Hardie W. Midkiff III as its Pastor of Children’s Ministries.

Bro Hardie and his wife Melissa have four children, and have served together in many volunteer children’s ministry roles. They have a heart for Jesus and a love for kids.

Hardie was ordained at Florida Boulevard Baptist Church and is working on completing a Master’s of Divinity degree. He works full-time as a chaplain for Life Source Hospice.

On Sunday, August 14th, Stevendale will have a covered dish luncheon fellowship after the morning service to welcome Hardie and his family. We are looking forward to much ministry together in Jesus’ name.