Fall Midweek Meal and Bible Study Series

On September 13th, we will begin our fall Wednesday night potluck and Bible study series.

Pastor Stephen Young will lead this series which includes Bible study, videos, and special guests. We are going to have an honest conversation about miracles. Below is a tentative schedule.

September 13th:
Miracles Rediscovered: Exploring Miracles in the Modern World

September 20th
Divine Hand or Chance? Unraveling the Threads of Providence

September 27th
Miracles Through Time: Recognizing Historical and Present-Day Frequency

October 4th
Miracles and Rationality: Navigating the Intersection of Faith and Reason

October 11th
Miracles and Manipulation: Charlatans and False Teachers

October 18th
Supernatural Authenticity: Contrasting Miracles and Sorcery

October 25th
Beyond the Veil: Unpacking the Mysteries of Exorcism and Angelic Presence

November 1st
Life After Life: Unveiling Resuscitation Miracles and Near Death Experiences

November 8th
Death Undone: The Profound Miracle of Jesus' Resurrection

November 15th
Seeking Signs: The Quest for More Miracles in Today's Church (Why I am Baptist and not Charismatic)

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