Flood Restoration Update

Updated August 1, 2017

Phase One is 90% Complete!

Sanctuary Restoration - Special Thanks and Recognition:

Sanctuary Restoration – Projects Remaining:

  • ADA Entry Ramp to Sanctuary: (Flooding has caused a collapse or a sinking of many areas including sidewalks and parking. The planned project will be to replace the sidewalk and entry on the west side of the building.)
  • Minor Electrical Work and Venting in Restrooms.
  • Installation of Handrails to Backstage Staircase.
  • Installation of Some Sound System Items.
  • Installation of Door Hardware

Guest House - Special Thanks and Recognition: 

  • T-Building Mudout: Project completed by Grand Cane Baptist Church, of Grand Cane, Louisiana.
  • Move T-Building to North Parking Lot: Project completed by Grand Cane Baptist Church, of Grand Cane, Louisiana. 
  • Install Plumbing for Shower Facility: Project completed by Stevendale members and local friends.
  • Frame Shower and Toilet Stalls: Project completed by Stevendale Members with help from Key Life Fellowship.
  • Replace Outlets and Install Restroom Vents:Completed with help from Istrouma Baptist Church
  • Hang Sheetrock: completed by Stevendale Members and Key Life Fellowship

Guest House – Projects Remaining:

  • Frame and Interior doors
  • Finish Venting Ductwork and Hang Ceiling Sheetrock in Stalls.
  • Float, Mud, and Texturize Sheetrock
  • Caulk and Paint
  • Install Vinyl Flooring 
  • Furnish with 8 Bunk Beds

Phase Two is 30% Complete.

Children’s Ministry Building

Administrative Building

Phase Three is 0% Complete.

Education Building

Fellowship Hall

Biggest Current Needs:

We are trying to finish phase one and move on to phase two. There is some overlap, because schedules dictate that we must. We get stuck at bottlenecks, where nothing more can be done in an area until a certain thing is done. The bottlenecks usually come in areas where skilled volunteers are needed. Here are the 4 biggest needs.

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Concrete Workers (For busting and pouring in certain areas)

If you  can volunteer your service or would like to bring a volunteer team, PLEASE contact pastor Stephen Young II cell (225) 436 – 9366 . We need your help!

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