Restoration: What We’re Doing; What We Need.

Stevendale Baptist Church voted in September to establish a temporary executive committee to help lead and oversee our campus restoration. So far, the committee has approved a three-phase restoration plan.

Sanctuary Refurb

Phase One

  • Restore the church sanctuary “Building A.” (Details to come October 6th)
  • Clean “Building C” the fellowship hall, and create temporary Sunday school rooms and children’s church space.
  • Move our T-Building from the East parking lot to the North parking lot and repurpose it as a shower and dorm facility.

Phase Two

  • Bring “Building B” up to code and make it into our children’s ministry building.
  • Finish the “Building E Project” which is a multi-staff administrative building (and intermediate term Sunday school space).

Phase Three

  • Fellowship Hall
  • Adult Education Building


How you can help:

If you would like to volunteer your help as a skilled laborer, please call Pastor Stephen Young or send him a text (225)436-9366. We need people who have plumbing, electrical, and carpentry skills. We need people who have experience working on scaffolding. We need people who can hang and float sheetrock. We need people who can lay carpeting or flooring, as well. We also need anyone who has time to help. God bless!

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