Lord’s Supper Service


Join us on Sunday, June 1st. Stevendale Baptist Church will celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

As we prepare for our summer ministries, we will take a look at Judges chapter 7 and consider God’s strength in our limited resources.

Vacation Bible School (or) Escuela Bíblica de Vacaciones (or) Escola Bíblica de Ferias

Yes, it is in Three Languages! Join us on Monday, June 2nd for a fantastic Vacation Bible School. Register Here


  • We are planning together and decorating this Wednesday, May 28th, at 5:00 pm. Volunteers, please join us then.
  • VBS starts Monday, June 2nd, at 5:30 pm with hotdogs for everyone!
  • At VBS, children will have small group Bible studies in their heart language.
  • They will visit an Athens marketplace where they will participate in craft projects.
  • They will see skits of Paul and Dionysius, and learn about Jesus.
  • They will sing songs of worship in three languages.
  • They will participate in fun games in the Athens “arena.”
  • Come join us 5:30 to 8:00 pm each day.

Memorial Day–May 26

12 stones

Some things should never be forgotten, but remembered and observed in every age. Joshua set up stones as a memorial so that the importance of his days would never be forgotten by the generations to come.

Join us on Sunday, May 25th, at 10:30 am. Let us observe what scripture teaches, and consider how to pass on a remembrance that carries a culture.

Concert: The Proclaimers


THE PROCLAIMERS QUARTET is performing at Stevendale Baptist Church.

Join us on Saturday May 31st at 7:00 PM for a concert by five men with a common love of our Savior, who want to share Christ through Southern Gospel Quartet music.

This event is open to the public. Tickets and advanced registration are not required. An opportunity to give a love offering will be provided.

Jacob and his Grandchildren.


What can a poor and humble grandparent give a grandchild who seems to have everything? Join us on Sunday, May 18th, and observe what Jacob did for his grandsons, and how even today we can do the same. His gifts are priceless.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day


Join us at 10:30 am, for an opportunity honor the mothers in your life and to hear a message from 1st Samuel chapter 1 about Hannah, her son Samuel, and her love for God.

Baptism–The first step of following Jesus

Whenever we baptize new believers, we return to the basics. Again, here are my top 5 priorities for a healthy church.

1. Serious Prayer. 

The average church has so established itself organizationally and financially that God is simply not necessary to it. So entrenched is its authority and so stable are the religious habits of its members that God could withdraw Himself completely from it and it could run on for years on its own momentum.  --A.W. Tozer
Though we tend to judge the health of a church by its size, its financial stability, its busy-ness, its median age, its baptism numbers, or its unity, the true measure of a church’s health can best be seen in its prayer life.  A church that does not pray, that does not pray a lot, that does not pray seriously, and does not pray pervasively is sick.

2. Centrality of Scripture.

The Bible is our final authority for faith and practice -- Bob Utley
A church that does not constantly learn and return to Scripture, and teach its members to do the same is sick. A church that focuses on precepts and principals, but does not teach its people the Scripture itself is feeding its members microwave meals and junk food.

A healthy church is one full of members who constantly engage the Bible on their own, even outside outside of church meetings, learning it, reflecting on it, singing it and sharing it with others, daily.

3. Obedience to Christ.

One of the most misquoted and misunderstood passages of the Bible is Matthew 28:18-20. Ask people, sometime, what this passage tells us to teach. I think you will be surprised by the number of people who will not say, “to obey.” -- David Watson
Healthy churches teach obedience to Christ’s commands, with baptism as the non-negotiable first step. Healthy churches are full of members who model this by being consistently obedient to the commands of Christ in public and in private, in word and in thought, regardless of the consequences.
These believers don’t leave worship gatherings satisfied to simply be inspired by new insights, rather they are resolved and committed to action.

4. Abundant, Relentless Laborers.

The Lord Jesus had compassion on the lost of this world. He sent 42 teams and said, “The harvest is ready but there is an acute shortage of harvesters.” Jesus gave a specific strategy for world evangelism “pray to the Lord of harvest to send forth laborers into His harvest fields.” Harvest is not the problem. Despite the huge Christian manpower in the world, there is a critical shortage of grass-root level harvest workers. -- Victor Choudhrie
A church whose focus is on filling the pews is sick. This kind of church keeps its laborers in bondage with assignments to simply sit passively, listen to sermons, and give money to support the show. It builds its own kingdom on a pastor’s personality at the expense of building God’s Kingdom.

Healthy churches are constantly training their people and sending them out to the harvest. They disciple from day one, not in classrooms with Bible study booklets, but by modeling and mentoring. Healthy churches never stop developing and sending new workers to strengthen existing ministries, the  start new new ones, and to labor in new harvest fields. They are always releasing their disciples to do even greater works according to their calling and giftedness.

5. Vision

Vision gets you on God's program and off your own. -- J. David Schmidt
Churches that have no understood vision or purpose other than to meet and have a worship service are very sick. Even when things are going smoothly and the church seems to be growing, a church without vision comes to a grinding halt as soon as the person they are following (usually the pastor) stops leading.

Healthy churches know what they are all about. They know their purpose and know why they are doing what they are doing. They take the great commission and build their strategies and tactics on those marching orders. Churches that do that succeed.
God bless,
Bro Steve