New Sermon Series: Wisdom to Live Well and Honor God


For the next five weeks we will be studying through the Proverbs on Sunday mornings. This series began Sunday October 13th, and the message will be uploaded to the media page later this week. Here is the series schedule:

October 13 – House upon the Rock
Proverbs Chapter 1, and Matthew 7:21-27

October 20 –Treasure and Pearl
Proverbs Chapter 2, and Matthew 13:44-46

October 27 – The Narrow Gate
Proverbs Chapter 3, and Matthew 7:13-20

November 3 – The Light of the World
Proverbs Chapter 4, and John 12:32-41

November 10 – Sexual Purity
Proverbs Chapter 5, and Matthew 19:3-12

November 17 – Debts and Debtors
Proverbs Chapter 6, and Luke 11:1-10 

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