Arts & Communication

Photography- Some people just have an eye for taking pictures. Others have a knack for creating mixes of images, even using their cell phones, like this one done by Tracy:

Social Media & Press Releases- Facebook and other services like Twitter and Google have really changed the landscape of communication. Local newspapers, magazines, and websites also offer venues for getting our message out and promoting events. We need helpers to get the word out.

Flyers and Graphic Design – Creating worship and preaching slides, designing event fliers and business cards, and preparing forms and cards all take a bit of creativity and design know-how, but it is quite rewarding Most can be done using a laptop and free software.

Web Design – Our site is hosted on Google blogger, but using some creative CSS and HTML coding, and working with the free editors, we can run an effective website. It needs some dedicated volunteers, though.

Texting and Email – Simple, quick, inexpensive and effective. We just need more fingers!

If any of these areas appeal to you let us know. Send an email to

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