Congregational Care

Homebound Ministry Team

This team makes regular visits to our home-bound and nursing home residents. Members share the Lord’s Supper quarterly with homebound who are able and willing to participate. This team also brings news, bulletins and other connecting items to those who can be physically present with the church.

Hospital Ministry Team

This team seeks to visit church members who are in the hospital, praying for healing and giving encouragement. They follow up with calls after patient discharge.

Encouragers Ministry

Participants in this ministry Send cards to church members for special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries. Sends occasional letters of encouragement as the need is perceived and attempts to send encouragement to all families in the church on a rotation. (Some of our homebound are active in our encouragers ministry!)

Bereavement Ministry Team

This team provides a ministry that would care for the needs of families during the time of a death and grief.

Supplication Ministry

A prayer ministry team focused on praying for the congregation. They call and pray over the phone with those listed on the prayer list. They also regularly  call and pray with all church on a rotation. This team works with the secretary to keep our prayer list up to date.

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