Senior Adult Ministry


Young at Heart Ministry Day will repeat on the second Wednesday of every month. As Stevendale Baptist Church begins again to do the work of the ministry to which it was called, our senior adults lead the way. Have a look at these ministry ideas and be thinking of how you would like to to serve.

Writing Letters and Sending Cards: Write personal letters and send birthday, anniversary, and special remembrance cards to others. Write letters on behalf of our church to new visitors to our services, and to those for whom we are praying.

Visitation Ministry: We must be faithful to care for our elderly adults who are home-bound, lonely, hospitalized, or in assisted living. We need some who can help us organize and plan our visitation ministry in such a way that no one gets overlooked.

Telephone Canvassing: Make telephone calls to keep contact, get information from, and invite members to participate in our ministries. We have three telephone lines available at the church and need desperately to contact so many people. If you are skilled on the phone, we need you.

Library Ministry: Stevendale Baptist Church has an amazing space for books and an incredible resource for Christian education. It has become neglected over time. A team of three could have our library back in tip top shape in little time.

Living History: Share your life journey and faith story on a video or audio recording. Make a CD message for your grandchildren telling them why you trusted Jesus and how they can too.

Social Networking with Seniors: Would you like to start a blog, have a Facebook page, or help with our own church sites? Bring a laptop if you have one and Bro Stephen will get you started and train you up. Need some basic computer skills, I will teach you if you promise to pass them on to at least one other person.

Care Packages: Help us put together a gift package to bring on our home visits to shut-ins and for our evangelistic visits.

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