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Seeking: Part-Time Music Minister

Job Description: Music Minister

Stevendale Baptist is a smaller church in a diverse neighborhood setting. Currently our worship style is traditional leaning towards blended.  We are looking for someone to capably build, coordinate, and direct a music ministry that leads people in the worship of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to develop their musical gifts to the glory of God. It is our desire to create a ministry platform through musical training that will offer opportunities to connect our neighbors with the gospel and with the church.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Assist the senior pastor in planning the worship services of the church. Lead in thoughtful song and hymn selection, and in the selection and scheduling of special music. Prepare for and lead worship together with other music ministry leaders.
  2. Make and develop disciples through the music ministry of the church by recruiting (both from without and from within) and organizing choir participants, volunteer instrumentalists, and worship team leaders.
  3. Teach the congregation how to worship, through biblical teaching, through the training and development of musical skills as necessary, through continued exposure to a breadth of worthy hymns and songs, through practice, and by personal example.
  4. Oversee the sound, video, and media ministry, including the preparation of video slides for worship services and promotional material for music ministry, as well as the stewardship of music materials, equipment, and licenses.
  5. Meet weekly with church ministerial staff to pray, plan, review, and collaborate ministry efforts; as well as encourage and support one another in spiritual and leadership growth.


  1. As a Minister: A spiritual leader must have a good reputation. He must have only one wife and have children who believe. His children shouldn't be known for having wild lifestyles or being rebellious. Because an overseer is a supervisor appointed by God, he must have a good reputation. He must not be a stubborn or irritable person. He must not drink too much or be a violent person. He must not use shameful ways to make money. Instead, he must be hospitable, love what is good, use good judgment, be fair and moral, and have self-control. He must be devoted to the trustworthy message we teach. Then he can use these accurate teachings to encourage people and correct those who oppose the word. 1 Timothy 1
  2. As a Music Leader: A music director must have a music background (be able to arrange, coordinate, and teach). He must be able to lead worship. He must possess key technical skills (presentation software, sound equipment use, etc.). He should be able to identify, attract, and develop talent. He should have appropriate relational skills to build partnerships for cooperative ministry.
  3. As Stevendale Ministry Staff: A ministry staff member must commit to become a fully-devoted member of Stevendale Baptist church. He must be committed to the mission, vision, and strategy of Stevendale Baptist Church.


  1. This is a salaried part-time position (estimating 10 to 15 hours weekly).
  2. Starting Salary: $10,400 annually.

To Apply:

To apply for this position or to get more information, send your resume or your contact information to stevendalebc@gmail.com Complete background checks are a prerequisite for all ministry positions.